Mid 90′s:

The Internet and Branding grows in use and popularity. Companies begin to use branding and the web as a tool for reaching multiple audiences with their products, services, and messages, touching millions of users around the world and around the clock.


After tinkering with a hip hop rap career with Bogolawn Records, I started my production studio in Brooklyn, New York and called it ” RICHBUMZ Entertainment” after a quote I heard in a song called “Fighting on the Bus” by Downtown Chapter. I produce a song for Dreamworks ( that was never use, but I got paid) that stepping stone landed me in Forth Worth, Texas. My studio was lost due to bills and pawnshop, so I needed something new … 2 years went by and got sick of being the bud man and move to my home town Detroit MI. I stayed with my best friend at the time Julius Klein III, went up to the kinko’s to make my self a business card and a guy ask me how much for a logo. Never thought about doing this as a career, but I took art and graphics in school and did graffiti through the city. I gave him a price and Richbumz Designs was born. Later that year Steve Adams from “Salon Across the Park”   Formally know as ” Incessions ” ask me to build a website. I din’t know how to do it, but my kids needed thing so I took a course in HTML/PHP and never looked back. (cue music ”
Baby Cham - Ghetto Story Feat. Alicia Keys)

Present Day:

Many blunt wraps later with families, emcee’s and using my home as a studio and home office and old designs and accomplishments, Richbumz Web Design, Ink. has been helping companies achieve their online goals for over a decade. Staffed by me and 2 other designers, Richbumz Designs provides sophisticated web services and embraces a philosophy of employing appropriately-sized technology solutions to meet their customers’ varying needs. Richbumz Designs understands that no two clients are exactly the same and that one solution does not necessarily fit all. With a unique combination of experience, creativity, and personal touch, Richbumz Designs provides what we like to consider an “evolution in design and the missing link in web services”.

“When the image is new, the world is new.” ― Gaston BachelardThe Poetics of Space